Wednesday, December 08, 2004 \ 10:12 AM

toldcha ill do it in ten
infact i think im faster!

relinkk k babes!!

- gone with the windd`

i found someones blog just two days ago.
i dont even know her
but reading her blog just breaks my heart.
and this isnt supposed to even happen.

btw, no im not lesbian.
that blog just keeps talking about someone.

i feel like changing blog.
maybe i will.
in ten minutes or so. (:

time to leave the past behind to fade away

- gone with the windd`

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 \ 6:13 PM

im super disappointed with the way the band is holding this passing out parade.
its as tho its not important at all
i bet the performances are not even prepared.

wht they expect?
the GRADUATING pupils to go find out everything?

nobody knows what time the pop is.
some prolly dont even know pop is this thursday ok.
wht are they gna do, the last minute thing again?
this sucks.

screw mr tan. somebody should give him a slap on his face.
i seriously damn pissed off now.

- gone with the windd`

stay at home day

yepp thats what it is for me today
stayed home the whole day
watched oceans eleven and along came polly.
oceans eleven is freakin good. i love it.
along came polly is your typical trashy hollywood show that i watch all the time.

cant wait for oceans twelve to come on.

k now i feel damn terrible.cuz ive a headache.
its killing me.

and i still nd ta go over to collect my photos.

im in a i-hate-everybody mood now.
dont mess with me.

- gone with the windd`

Monday, December 06, 2004 \ 11:52 PM

since i cant find singapore idol/taufik batisah/sylvester sim-i dream lyrics anywhere. i wrote them down.
might have a few mistakes here and there tho.
qing duo duo bao rong (:

i dream

in my mind i can climb
all the mountains that surround me
my spirit's there where eagles dare to fly
in my heart theres a spark
that can light the world around me
and open door where i am sure dreams are

doesnt matter if i win
or the colour of my skin
cause the race is all about
believing in yourself

i dream, i can run
like the wind and be strong
when my heart just wants to give in
i dream i can be the hero thats in me
when i dream, i dream

theres a time in your life
when the odds are so against you
theres no defeat if all you keep is pride
first or last, slow or fast
theres a dignity that makes you
to drive you on when worlds have come apart

doesnt matter rich or poor
or the things youve done before
cause the race is all about believing in yourself

i dream, i can run
like the wind and be strong
when my heart just wants to give in
i dream i can be
the hero thats in me
when i dream, i dream

of a moment that forever will be golden
when the torch is passed
only dreams will last
that are shared by everyone

i dream, i can run
like the wind and be strong
when my heart just wants to give in
i dream i can be
the hero thats in me
when i dream, i dream

- gone with the windd`

went job hunting again today.
same result.

this sucks.

k walked around aimlessly with jo

i know wht i prolly wnt for xmas alr
pug jelly cd (:

hahah. oh well.
i like holiday.trackone.

im so bored now..

and i finally rented oceans elevenn! :D

jessica has left singapore for states already
forever!! ):
oh god. im gna miss her.
part of 4e3 is like. gonee-
so sad.

liz is leaving too.
gna miss her too ):

everyones leaving.
just like a part of me leaving as well.

i hate her =p

dream (( [ - JAYsick - ] )) i can run; like the wind and be strongg says:
i dream (( [ - JAYsick - ] )) i can run; like the wind and be strongg says:
pictureperfect*i love taufik*backon21st says:
pictureperfect*i love taufik*backon21st says:
pictureperfect*i love taufik*backon21st says:
pictureperfect*i love taufik*backon21st says:
see u tmr 7 at the airport

hahah. cute girl.
at least she wont be gone forever.

- gone with the windd`

Sunday, December 05, 2004 \ 9:05 PM


went shoppin today at concourse aft church for our xmas tree ornaments (spell?)
it was not bad lar. nothing fantastic
and there was this guy
he kept speaking as tho he was an aussie.
haha. i dont know wht to say abt his accent.
fake or real.
it sounds fake yet real.

ahh- its hard.

and. shocks keep coming to me.
haha. some of you will know wht im talkin eh ;)
sheesh im still not over it.

- gone with the windd`

Saturday, December 04, 2004 \ 1:34 AM

just went blog surfing.
realised almost everyone wasnt happy with the prom king and queen.
mostly queen

you know what?
neither am i.
for prom queen only anyway.
please lar.
SHARINIS my best bet.
shes got da poise and da elegance man.
whtever it is, shes my prom queen and willies my prom king!

just cuz u can give some profound answer in your a1-english
doesnt mean you deserve prom queen
i think judges were blinded that day.
i mean, sharini looked a million times better than her
and i bet sharini culdve given a better answer even tho she only got a2 for her english.
oh well.

i happen to think willie's answer was very good.
"i love you" kinda like sylvester sim in singapore idol.
mingruis was also not bad. "thank you very much"
very interesting.
how his bo chap attitude got him into the top 3.

anyhows. she can have that stupid title.
but in my eyes. they belong to someone else.
-sticks out tongue-

oh yeah and i watched singapore idol finals only today
cuz i fell asleep on that actual day and didnt get a chance to vote.
thank god tho.
after watching the performances today.
i have no idea who i wouldve wanted to vote for!
they were both fantastic.

omg. i just realised.
its already december.
gosh. i mean. yah i knew it was december.
if you get what i mean.
shit man. time flies. too fast.

true to your heart; you gotta be true to your heart

- gone with the windd`

Friday, December 03, 2004 \ 11:51 PM

met up with serene today
went job searching
den watched without a paddle at ps.

as jeremy said, the show is funny.
not bad at all (:

gosh ive been sucha faithful movie goer the past 2 weeks.
just this week.
sunday, monday, wednesday, friday. ALL watching movie.
gna be broke soon. im desperate for a job!

ok met up with mom and dad aft movie.
went shoppinggggg!
got a new necklace frm perlinis and
got a pretty pink skirt at forever21. kinda ex tho. 43 bucks for a skirt.
but mom was in a shopping mood. so =D
haha. and i ALMOST got my hands onto a mogu.
as well as a new tv. sheesh.
ill get em soon. TRUST ME.
muahaha =x

ate at cream bistro again. at pac plaza. good food. must patronize more.
i was freakin full by the time the meal was over.
headed home (:
here i am.

- gone with the windd`

Thursday, December 02, 2004 \ 9:30 PM

PROM was two nights ago.
pictures are up (: here

it was cool lar prom. nothing fantastic.
stayed over.
watched bridget jones.
fuckin borin showw!!
wasted my 6.50 man. lol

played pool after that.
felt super funny walkin around toa payoh central in heels and my prom clothes
when everybody else were in slippers and their pyjamas. lol

came back.
watched singapore idol but fell asleep halfway. too tired. lol
TAUFIK WON! yeahh (:

went for band today,
ms chew treated us to sushi buffet -lickslips-
played pool again with scottie
lousy tables they have at hougang. hahah.
kay den came back. here i am.

btw i learnt how to erase pimples from a picture, need help? :D

- gone with the windd`



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